How to clean makeup brushes ?

How to clean makeup brushes ?

Step 1 First soaked with a mild detergent solution ( probably the most affordable baby shower is exposed ) , gently press the cleaning bristles ;

Step 2 rinse with water , the same light pressure with your fingers , then use a dry towel and gently press the bristles valuables part will suck the moisture out ( do not force rejection ) ;

Step 3 dry when dry brush down ( hang up ) or flat on the ventilation of the mesh ( this is a big sweep of loose powder and blush brush sweep as particularly important for ) , if the brush to dry up dry splayed bristles will affect use .

clean the brushes

Usual maintenance Note: best not to brush the sake of convenience ( head up ) like a plug inserted in the pen holder pencil , the principle is the same and dry , easy to cause deformation, exposure to air will make the brush ferrule oxidation, affect the appearance , obediently set to sweep back into the protective kit as well.

Usually transparent loose powder makeup can be used to ” dry ” brush , this can also prevent channeling color.



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