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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ovonni 11 pieces makeup brushes | Review
Hello lovelies! A couple of months ago I got some new makeup brushes and thought I would share them with you as they’re great quality at quite a low price.
I went to a makeup masterclass by a local makeup artist (who I won’t name) but she actually sold these brushes to the people who attended the class and totally ripped us off. She acted as if these makeup brushes were her own as she kept saying ‘my makeup brushes’. This turned out to be untrue but nothing could actually be said as she didn’t outright say that she designed these. She then charged us £25 (saying that she usually sold them for £35 and therefore we were getting a great deal). I stupidly bought them and when I got home I thought I would research them and found out that they are in fact eBay makeup brushes which cost £12.99 with free P&P. I was so annoyed but I should’ve researched them before buying. However at the time, it sounded like a great deal.
Although I’m still annoyed at the fact that we were lied to, I can’t deny that these are actually great makeup brushes. If you buy them off eBay, you’re only paying around £1.18 per brush which is fantastic. The brushes can be bought here. I use these brushes on a daily basis and the quality is fantastic. The only brush I don’t like is the powder brush at the end as I find that a lot of hairs fall out of it. Apart from that, all the brushes are brilliant. I’ve washed them so many times and they’re still in great condition. The little case you see in the photos is also included which is a bonus as you can keep all of your brushes together! I would highly recommend these brushes.
I hope this post helped you out! I would definitely recommend these brushes if you’re wanting new brushes for yourself or wanting to start a little makeup. As I said, they’re great quality for a low price. Let me know what you think of this post and if you’re going to purchase these brushes 🙂 until next time, goodbye!
– xoxo

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