Blue VS Green, which is more eye catchy? -Ovonni makeup brushes review

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XOXO,Girls, check out the below 2 models. Ovonni 10 pcs Blue makeup brushes set VS 7 pcs Green makeup brushes

Which is more eye catchy?

ovonni makeup brushes

ovonni makeup brushes

Let’s listening what other girls talking Ovonni on   Instagram


xoxocrystaldanielle  New brushes  1mon
  •   xoxocrystaldanielle #newbrushes #Ovonni #blue #pretty #mailboxsurprises #makeup#itod
  •   paintherruby_ Omgggg! I’m so jealous! They came….
  •   tiaacollins can you buy me some, im trynnna get my make-up skills up !!
  •   stunnawoodworth You better hide those from me!
makeup_byangee So #spoilt today! My new #ovonni #brushroll !! #makeup#mua #cosmetics #beauty #ausbeautybabes 2mon
Hi, Have you decided buy which one? Come on, bring these 2 makeup brushes sets home. A gift to her also a travel must.

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