eBay Make-up Brushes: The Good and The Bad | The Good – Ovonni

Below is a makeup review by a UK student blogger, She bought Ovonni from Ebay UK.

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—————–eBay Make-up Brushes: The Good and The Bad | The Good-Ovonni

Ovonni make-up brushes 18pcs £14.90Ovonni make-up brushes 26pcs £18.95 
I took a risk and tried another eBay make-up brush set from Ovonni. 26pcs: lovely purple colour, fluffy and the images generally appealed to me. These arrived quicker than the other brushes from eBay, as these were stocked in the UK.

The 26 pieces come in a folding hot pink, faux leather case, with each brush individually wrapped in plastic. They all seemed clean, hygienic and looked very similar, if not identical, to the images on the listing.
I opened them up and tried them out and instantly fell in love!
The face brushes are amazing – soft, dense and pick up the product well. There could have been more choice for the eyes but I was very happy with what I received. A mascara wand, eyebrow wand and two mini retractable handbag applicators too! So cute!

All in all, would definitely recommend these to anyone on a budget looking for a quick, good quality set of brushes x

Source: http://lipsticksandcalculators.blogspot.hk/2014/08/ebay-make-up-brushes-good-and-bad-good.html

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