Top 5 Make Up Vblogger on Youtube,they have more than 100 000 fans.

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Hi,XOXO ,Girls. Today we spend more time online. Shopping also learning. Here is Top 6 Make Up Vblogger on Youtube, which can let us learning makeup tutorials step by step,they have more than 100 000 fans.

1. Bethany Mota


“Bethany Mota is an American video blogger from Los Banos, California. Starting with her YouTube channel, Macbarbie07, created in 2009, she rose to fame for her haul videos, in which she shows her fashion purchases via the internet. She uploads videos of outfit ideas, makeup and hair tutorials, recipes, and do it yourself ideas.”  —From Wikipedia

2. Michelle Phan

m She is an American make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who became notable as a YouTube celebrity.Till now, over 7,002,386 fans subscribed her channel. “Just another old soul dreamer with childlike faith. Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best makeup artist 🙂 So sit back, enjoy and let’s play with makeup! I live, I love, I teach, but most importantly I learn.” 3. bubzbeauty

BUZ  “Bubzbeauty is a YouTube superstar. She has hundreds of millions of uploaded views for her beauty channel and also over 20 million views for her comedy channel ‘Bubbiosity’. Born in Belfast UK, this makes her one of the most famous British born Chinese in the world. With her cuteness appeal, creativity and sense of humour, it’s easy to understand.”

” Welcome to my Vlog channel. Here is where you’ll get the daily doses of Bubz, Chubbi and Domo ^_^ Hope we will brighten your day!” — from her youtube channel. 4.  MakeupbyMandy24 Mandy Mandy is 15 ,hah, it’s too young? Nope,she is good at videos. When you watching you finds much more Emoticons.Cute and funny. She has 2 channel on Youtube, go and find what you are looking for.Her Instagram 1,145,101 followers. 5. Carli Bybel C You may have never heard of Carli Bybel, but you will. Carli is a highly followed beauty guru who has uploaded videos to her YouTube Channel the Beauty Bybel since June 2011. She has 2 channel,not only makeup videos also other about beauty,fashion,fitness.What’s more,she’s also very popular on Instagram: :1,200,755 followers. Woah.

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