How to Choose Makeup Brushes ?

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how to choose makeup brushes 1

All makeup brushes are not made equal. Some are better quality than others and some have different purposes which should be observed for the best results. 1 Select the right brush for the task at hand. Use a natural bristle hair brush for the application of powdery makeup products, such as powder, blush and eyeshadow. Use a synthetic bristle brush for wet makeup application, such as creams, lipstick and foundation.

how to choose makeup brushes

2 Avoid brushes with blunt edges. Brushes with soft, dome- shaped heads work the best for application of makeup.

how to choose makeup brushes

3 Purchase a concealer brush. This is a trick of the trade because you are able to use it to ensure accurate application of the makeup product precisely where you want it applied.

how to choose makeup brushes

4 Test for durability before you buy. Natural bristle brushes will easily lose the bristles with use. You can try to avoid this by ensuring that when you purchase the brush, it is strong to begin with. This means taking the tug test – pull gently on the brush in the store. If there is any evidence of hairs coming out, try a different brand.

how to choose makeup brushes

5 Take good care of your makeup brushes. Keep them clean and dust-free. Store away from bathroom products and preferably in dust-proof locations such as a container or a bathroom cabinet. Gently wipe down makeup build-up regularly from your makeup brushes. You can use water for synthetic brushes or simply wipe with a tissue for natural bristle brushes.

how to choose makeup brushes 5

Tips: The bigger and fluffier the makeup brush, the lighter its touch when applying makeup. Think of a blush or a powder brush and you will know immediately what this means.

How to Choose Makeup Brushes 6


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