[New For 2014 Christmas]Top 5 Youtube Christmas Makeup Tutorial Recommend

Merry Christmas,Girls, Cheers,Christmas is soon coming around. Ovonni here picks 5 different makeup tutorials for you.

Some of them not so famous, but the Christmas Makeup Tutorials is great.

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1.  A green smokey eye for 2014 Christmas Party, do you love it?  By cflowermakeup

2.  A fun, sparkly look with golden glitter on the eyes and a very simple base. By Swealife

3. A Naughty & Nice Christmas Makeup Tutorial  By Julia Graf

4. Party must learn:  Get Ready With Christmas Party Makeup, Hair & Outfit By StealTheSpotlight

5. Last one, OMG It’s Crazy Grinch Zombie Makeup Tutorial By iwanted2c1video

Ok, Do you love any of them ? Welcome to contact us and recommend to Ovonni.

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