[Must Watch] 5 Last-Minutes Makeup Tutorials For Valentines Day/Get Ready For The Night

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Hi beauties ! A big day today, right? I know you will be kinda busy in the next few hours, get ready for your makeup and dress up, arrange for the romantic Valentine, remember you’re great and the most special one to him. Time is up, here I prepare you some gifts–5 makeup tutorials with different style, hope you like it !

1.   If you are searching for a look that is a little bit different for this year’s Valentine’s date, this makeup tutorial from Alexa Poletti is prepared for you. Style: girly,sweet, cute & easy to do.

2.   It seems that pink is the most popular color used in the Valentine’s Day makeup, always scared to use pink eyeshadow? Don’t worry, let’s see how Cherry Wallis made the cherry pink lovely and gorgeous,and even more affordable if she used Ovonni brushes. Style: gorgeous, sweet, easy to do,and affordable.

3.   Wearing a heavy makeup is not always a pleased thing, many people actually don’t have to do that, a soft makeup can makes could be your best choice for a date. Recommend this video by kateleahh. Style: soft, nature and super easy.

4.   Sexy makeup for the romantic night. There’re tons of sexy Valentine’s  Day makeup on YouTube, but my opinion, most of them are a little bit too much, and it could scare him. This tutorial by Brianna Fox is pretty good for you. But if you want the same effect and don’t want to spend much money, use Ovonni brushes.

5. Sultry Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial for medium skin tone,by Christina Rose. Style: sultry,warm, flirty and easy to do.

With a decent brush set can help you apply your makeup better, Ovonni brushes can help you makeup like a guru with more affordable price.

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