Oscars 2015 Makeup Inspiration:How to Recreate Their Look With Ovonni

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Despite the rainy weather at the 87th Academy Awards, held on Feb.22 in L.A., stars including Lady Gaga, Margot Robbie, Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston,shined this day with their stunning eye-catching hairstyle romantic makeup and glamorous dresses. Find out how to recreate their looks with Ovonni, and own a look with your style !

Margot Robbie’s Orange-Red Lip    The Focus actress made jaws drop with a crazy-sexy Saint Laurent dress, new bob haircut, and a statement lip. After the big hit of purple, orange-red may lead the trends in the last days of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Use Ovonni lip blush , get this perfect lip shape easily !

Oscars 2015 Makeup Inspiration--How to Recreate Their Look With Ovonni

Lupita Nyong’s Metallic Smoky Eye Makeup     How to pair makeup with a dress made of 6,000 pearls? Look at Luptia Nyong’s stunning  silver eye makeup, yeah, it just looks like a masterpiece. To create this amazing eye makeup, I recommend Ovonni 29pcs brush set with zipped case or 25pcs professional brush set with belt, they are born for makeup artists like you !

Oscars 2015 Makeup Inspiration--How to Recreate Their Look With Ovonni

Keira Knightley’s Romantic Hair Waves     Hair waves will be popular in 2015 Spring, as Vogue announced weeks ago. It helped to create a  romantic style with a soft makeup, and with a Channel fine jewelry headband, she looks like a princess in 20s.

Oscars 2015 Makeup Inspiration--How to Recreate Their Look With Ovonni

Chole Grace Moretz’s Flawless Skin     Her skin looks shiny and fresh. Using foundation primer before applying powder is an important step before makeup, use concealer under  eyes for more coverage, and don’t forget using a little blush on cheek to emphasize the healthy and soft tone. Oscars 2015 Makeup Inspiration--How to Recreate Their Look With Ovonni

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