[Review] Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set Blue & White: Why It Deserves 5 Stars

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What’s the online star brushes set last week? The Ovonni 29 pieces brushes set, synthetic, blue & white, which was strongly recommended by an Australian beauty blogger. Why it could be our most popular brushes set? And what’s its’ biggest character between other brushes set? Here are the 10 pros of this Ovonni 29pcs brushes set.

More details here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KOM1W0G

Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set

1.  The Price: Lower than £20 and free shipping on ebay.

2.  The Fantastic Amount Of Brushes: 29 pieces brushes in this set, including 11 face brushes and 17 eyes brushes and a lip brush, recommended for beginners and collectors in search of reasonable good quality brushes.

Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set   Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set

3.  Variety Of  Brushes For Every Detail: Face brushes series including: foundation brush, blush brush, large fan, angle cheek, round powder brush, oblong powder brush, flat top kabuki, small fan, large concealer, pointed concealer buffer, and angle contour.

4. Eyes brushes including: small pencil, tiny pencil, detailed eyeliner, flat eyeliner, small angle eyebrow, large angle eyebrow, small concealer, medium eyeshadow, small eyeshadow, large eyeshadow, smudge brush, small fluffy eyeshadow, large fluffy eyeshadow and black sponge tip. Don’t forget the lip brush.

Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set   Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set

5.  Synthetic Bristles: No shedding at all.

6. Sturdy Brushes: Ferrules are all strongly attaches to the handle.

7. Pick up Powder exceptionally well.

8. Some are amazing for cream product.

9. Both the brushes and the case is easy to clean and fast at drying.

10. Blue tipped ends make it handy to tell when you need to clean them.

Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set   Ovonni 29 Pieces Brushes Set

Featured image is from Australian beauty blogger OFMYMEMORIES.

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