[Fashion Top 10] #9 : Sophie Hunter’s Valentino Wedding Dress

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News in this week, it’s related to tragedy, creepy and romance. As we are editing the Fashion Top 10, so the topic this week is about romance,Sophie Hunter’s Valentino Wedding Dress.

1.   Valentino revealed a photo of the couture gown that Sophie Hunter wore to wed Benedict Cumberbatch in February, and it’s pretty much everything we dreamed it could be:

[Fashion Top 10] #9 :  Sophie Hunter's Valentino Wedding Dress

2.   The smile that says she’s won! Perrie Edwards grins from ear-to-ear and lets everyone know the engagement is still on as she flashes her huge diamond ring.

[Fashion Top 10] #9 :  Sophie Hunter's Valentino Wedding Dress

3.   Angelina Jolie Pitt has penned an opinion piece for The New York Times on her decision to undergo a laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, or in other words, to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

[Fashion Top 10] #9 :  Sophie Hunter's Valentino Wedding Dress

4.   It’s a sign of the times that Alexander Wang spotted model Anna Ewers while casually perusing the internet, but it was love at first sight nevertheless.

[Fashion Top 10] #9 :  Sophie Hunter's Valentino Wedding Dress

5.   Taylor Swift is on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leader’s list.

Fashion Top 10_03

6.   PARIS — Andreas Lubitz was breathing, steady and calm, in the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525. It was the only sound from within the cockpit that the voice recorder detected as Mr. Lubitz, the co-pilot, sent the plane into its descent.

7.   The service to mark the reburial of King Richard III has taken place at Leicester Cathedral.

8.   It’s the beginning of the end for “Pretty Little Liars.” As the beloved teen show cruises to the end of its defining mystery, Tuesday night’s (March 24) epic finale gave fans the crucial answer they’ve been waiting five seasons for: Charles DiLaurentis is A. There’s only one slight problem. We have no idea who the heck Charles is and how he came to be the Big Bad, Uber A in Rosewood.

9.   Kevin Hart frequently jokes about his diminutive stature — he’s 5-foot-4. Well, the poster behind him emphasizes the point as he arrives at the premiere of his new movie “Get Hard” March 25 in Los Angeles.

10.   Amber Rose has an ass that just won’t quit … getting Photoshopped.

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