[Fashion Top 10] #10 : Host April’s Giveaway for Ovonni—Will You be the One?

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Good news to makeup gurus and enthusiasts: Ovonni  April’s giveaway is in preparation, we are looking for a talent makeup guru ( must love Ovonni brushes ) to host this month’s giveaway for Ovonni, will you be the one? Contact us on our social media ASAP, show your ideas, and we’ll email back to the candidate.  We’d love to hear form you!

[Fashion Top 10]  #10 : The Best Pranks 2015

1.   April Fool’s best prank from the web: Just insert your phone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, raise it to the perfect angle and click the internal button with a tap of your toe to take the photo.

2.   Cynthia Lennon was the first wife of musician John Lennon, and mother of Julian Lennon. In her life after John, she didn’t stop loving him.

[Fashion Top 10]  #10 : The Best Pranks 2015

3.   When Joni Mitchell was admitted to the hospital this week after being found unconscious in her Los Angeles home, a controversial affliction she has long suffered with hit the headlines again.

[Fashion Top 10]  #10 : The Best Pranks 2015

4.   Kelly Clarkson brings daughter River Rose blackstock to the place where her career began…the American Idol Set

[Fashion Top 10]  #10 : The Best Pranks 2015

5.   Fashion Runs in the Family! Nicole Richie’s Little Sis Lands a Magazine Cover (But Says She Wasn’t Always So Stylish)

[Fashion Top 10]  #10 : The Best Pranks 2015

6.   JESSICA SIMPSON’s billion-dollar brand has been sold by its owners, Camuto. The label has been picked up by Sequential Brands Group, which is set to expand it internationally into a two-to-three-billion-dollar company.

7.    Christoph Horn, director of global communications for Mercedes-Benz Cars and Daimler AG, holds up the 2015 World Car of the Year award for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe at the conclusion of the World Car of the Year Awards on April 2 at the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.

8.   Bruce Willis and director John Pogue have left the action-thriller Wake, which only completed five days of shooting in Cleveland before it shut down to lake of financing in late February.

9.   Avril Lavigne Opens Up About Her Health Crisis: ‘I Was Bedridden for 5 Months’.

10.   Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is an infectious disease caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type.[1] The most common sign of infection is an expanding area of redness, known as erythema migrans, that begins at the site of the bite about a week after it has occurred.disease caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type.

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