Ovonni Brushes Review by UK Blogger–Hold The Sunlight Back

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This is an amazing review blog for Ovonni brushes, from an 18-years-old UK blogger, Orla Dickinson. Appreciate her honest sharing:

UK blogger Olra Dickinson

I am one of those people that doesn’t like parting with money, so when I buy brushes, I do a lot of research before buying them.

Ovonni 29pcs makeup brushes set details blog uk 1          Ovonni 29pcs makeup brushes set details blog uk 3

As I am just starting off with clients I needed affordable brushes that are easily accessible to purchase in the UK and I found them with Ovonni. They cost £30 from eBay and they came within 2 days of purchase which I couldn’t get over. They come in a book, my book of brushes, with all the brushes you could ever need.

Side note: Some of them are dirty at the time of the pictures, sorry about that…hahaha. Shows I use them after all!

Stippling Brushes
Personally, I have always have always had a love hate relationship with stippling brushes, but I love using these for foundation, cream bronzer/blush and highlight. They prevent you from using too much product and then help you blend out the product to make it look seamless. This is my go to brush for foundation, I swear by it, so much that I encouraged my sister to buy this set and use the smaller stippling brush for her foundation.

Ovonni Foundation

Foundation, Concealer, Powder
I love working on clients with a flat top foundation brush to apply the foundation initially to build the foundation and then blend it in with a stippling brush. All the base brushes create a flawless base without shedding. I use one concealer brush for around the eyes and the other for blemishes, so for me it is needed to have more than one concealer brush.

Shading and Contouring
Shading and contouring is hard enough, but with the right brushes by your side, it’s going to be a lot easier to achieve. Ovonni offer a number of different shading and contouring brushes to ensure that your contouring and shading is blending to perfecting, making it look incredibly natural.

Ovonni blusher

Blusher and Bronzer

Three perfectly shapped brushes to make everything about your face look amazing. Granted when I first looked at these brushes I was stupidly overwhelmed but the amount of brushes, but once you’ve had a play around you soon learn which brush does which.

Two brushes for you now, simlar to the Sigma tapered highlighting brush, we have our first highlight brush, perfect for highlighting the tops of those cheek bones. And secondly a multitasking brush which I love to use as setting under eye concealer with a light powder!

Ovonni Blending

Blender Brushes
Blend like your life depends on it. No joke. You can never have enough blending brushes as you will always have product that needs blending, with a MAC 217 dupe, you are set for the perfect eye make-up.

Ovonni 29pcs makeup brushes set details

Detailer Brushes
Some of my favourite brushes are detailer brushes as you can do so much with them. They put the finishing touches on eye make-up and allow controlled application as they are so small!

Lip Brushes
I’ve only started using lip brushes since working with clients and I am so glad that you get two amazing ones in this product. One also collapses down into a little metal pen which means my kit doesn’t get covered in lipstick, making it ideal for throwing it in your bag on the run also.

Ovonni lip brush

With the good comes the bad. The smell when you first open the book of brushes is over powering and not a good smell either. Granted it doesn’t effect the brushes, but it does make you question where the smell is coming from, I’m going to go with the cellophane it was wrapped in.

As much as I love the idea of a book of brushes, when working with clients it can become quite difficult to find the right brush quickly, having said that it is brilliant having all the right brushes in one place and knowing they’re going to be in there somewhere, so that helps me over look that issue.

Lastly, I would love for brush names and or numbers to be placed on the side of the brush, just to complete the look of the brush and to help me figure out a lot quicker the different brushes.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely. I’ve already recommended it to everyone that has asked me about brushes, Personal or professional use, it really doesn’t matter, they really are an amazing product at such a good price.

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, I will definitely be repurchasing this product for my personal use this time as I’m starting to get jealous at the fact that I can’t use them on myself.

Ovonni lip

UPDATE: I originally wrote this post in February, since then, I have purchased another set of these brushes for my own personal use and a smaller set, which comes in the softest brush roll ever! I have encouraged friends, family, clients and even teachers to use these brushes, which have basically replaced all of my other brushes!

Want them? Buy them here.

Pictures and Descriptions are from Olra Dickinson originally .

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