Ovonni Beauty Tips: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes–by Danielle Connolly

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Today’s post is really practical, interesting and…worth trying! New Ireland beauty blogger Danielle Connolly introduce a smart and simple way to clean her Ovonni brushes effectively, more healthier and without costing too much on cleansers. Thanks for her sharing, and as a makeup enthusiast, you must have your tips too, @ovonni and share with us!

Ovonni Beauty Tips: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes--by Danielle Connolly

Hello I’m Danielle, I’m from Northern Ireland. After becoming completely obsessed with reading blog after blog on beauty and make up products I thought I would give my own a try! I hope you enjoy reading about my passions.

Ovonni Beauty Tips: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes--by Danielle Connolly

So the time has come for my make up brushes to get a good wash, they seriously needed it!
It is important to clean your brushes every week or so even just give them a good wipe because every time they are used they will build up bacteria and you don’t want to be wiping it all over your face or you’ll end up with spots, so basically I’m just going to go over with you guys how I clean my make up brushes and what I use to clean them!

Firstly I’ll start by laying all my brushes out and pick out which ones I think will need a good clean like my powder brushes and my eyeshadow brushes that I would use on a regular basis.

Ovonni Beauty Tips: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes--by Danielle Connolly

Then I Dampen the brush with Luke warm water, not too hot as you don’t want to scald yourself, also when putting the water onto the brush hold the brush at an angle you don’t want water to go up into the stem of the brush.

After applying water to the brush I will set it down and pick up my johnsons baby shampoo and apply a small amount into the palm of my hand!

Ovonni Beauty Tips: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes--by Danielle Connolly

To finish off with each brush I use a dry cloth and just pat the brush dry and then place them onto a towel beside each other, also remember to lay the brushes down Never leave them standing up to dry whilst wet as the water can trickle down to the handle and damage your brush.

I always tend to do them when I’m going to bed so that they will be dry the next morning and ready for me to use them:)

Thanks so much for reading my post, I hope you have picked up some tips for washing your brushes!

How often do you guys wash your brushes? What are your favourite brush cleaning products to use?
Feel free to comment below I’d love to know what you guys use or any tips you have for me!

Content and pictures are from beautymakeupblogger. Thank you, Danielle!

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